Brighter Branding
Best Practices for the Smaller Business


Is it safe to talk branding again?

Can we use the word correctly this time?

During the .com boom, the word brand was highly misused:

  • PR professionals wrote branding books on how PR was branding
  • Advertising agencies said it was all about advertising
  • Graphics designers said they were branding because they were making pretty logos and brochures
  • Direct mailers said it was about direct one to one marketing
  • Trade shows said it was about engaging clients at the booth
  • And venture capitalists corrupted a lot of their investments into throwing millions of dollars at trying to buy quick branding

But branding has not gone away. It is a natural human effect of an impression on the brain of the customer and marketplace. If you don't manage your brand, your customers or competitors will. And you may be losing out on a great opportunity.

It is not about money, it is about consistency throughout your organization. While six of the just announced top ten brands in the world are technology companies, you only need to focus on your world.


branding basics ebook

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Now in print, eBook and Kindle formats.

If you are not a dummy, but were too busy studying science or engineering or finance to cover branding in college, here is the practical, tactical cookbook to get you up to speed fast that is based on good sound, simple to understand strategies.

There are many books on branding for the experts, usually based on the big consumer brands. This book is for the educated person, enterpreneur, graphics designer or marketeer who never studied the subject in college.

It is for those who just want to learn quickly how to get their strategic and tactical brand plan right and then get on with their business. And spend little, or nothing, on advertising.

A must-read cook book for every new product or marketing manager in small and medium size businesses - especially in technology sectors.

Ideal for the CEO who does not have a marketing background. Load it on your laptop and read on the plane - and or get a print version and keep it handy as a reference.


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