Has Anyone Seen Kelvyn?

By Rosie Reay with illustrations by GW Foden










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In praise of

Has Anyone Seen Kelvyn?
and The Chimona Chronicles.

(1) Lee-Anne Gaitskell.
Perth Western Australia:

“Has Anyone Seen Kelvyn” is the eagerly awaited third
book in the series the Chimona Chronicles and as with the first
two books, I very quickly became engrossed in the goings on of
the critters of Lake Okanagan.
The characters in the story such as Babbling Brook,
Rupert the Rooster, Penny Perkins spitfire, Heavy Harry, Billy
Fish Warden Bobcat and Franklie-Frankie Wolfe all had endearing
traits, even grumpy old boat-keeper Captain Marc Andre.
As I read the story, I couldn’t but help to notice that the
characters reminded me of people that I have come across in
life (family members and friends). I could certainly affiliate
myself with Mrs Patsy-Pastry Beario and will admit to encountering
a few Bryan Bracken Bearios in my life too!!!
The story is written in language that children of today
affiliate with and the author uses modern day references such
as lap-tops, e-mail, spreadsheets, cell phones KFC and even X
Even though the series is primarily directed towards children,
I found that, as an adult I enjoyed the content as well as
the undertones of friendship family and community and the life
Rosie Reay lessons portrayed throughout.
The illustration style tied in very well with the story and
there were just enough of them to prompt the reader’s own interpretation
of the characters and scenery.
Another fantastic book Rosie, and I can’t wait to read
about the next exciting adventure in the Chimona series.

(2) Toni Rudolph, South Africa:

One day I want to go visit Lake Okanagan, see if I can
get to see the Ogopogo monster too - I believe it’s one of the
many still living dinosaurs! Kelvyn sounds like my kinda guy,
a bit ADHD, plus he’s a laid back gopher, would fit in well with
The young children of today can identify with the events
and characters in the story - my kiddy sitter charges loved it,
and can’t wait to have the first 2 books read to them too now -
makes me the most popular sitter, and their parents get whoops
of delight when the kids are told I’m coming to sit while Mom
and Dad have time off!

(3) Michael Douglas Bosc Author: “A Soldier’s Wind” and “A Loving Son”
How Kelvyn Got His Name (Book 1 in the Chronicles)

This is a book that spans all ages. I have had to wrest it
from my wife’s bedside table so I could write this review. I am
not a children’s book person, however, this does not seem to be
just for children. If it is, then I hold up my hands and confess
Has Anyone Seen Kelvyn? that I am a big kid. Rosie wrote this as an educational story,
giving children some geography lessons as well as moral ones.
She has succeeded admirably. This is not just an educational
book, it is a real life book.
The characters in it remind me of people I know, collecting
golf-balls from the golf course, messing around in boats,
sisters being bossy. I could go on.
When I opened the book and started to read, I left the
room and entered a world of wonderful funny characters. I
have an idea where Salquin To The Rescue is hidden (bedside
table), and intend to be carried away by the characters once
again. This book is definitely staying on my bookshelf.
Thank you Rosie for letting me review it, wonderful.

(4) Marie Pugh from Cardiff Wales:

Rosie Reay is great - the kids love her books, can’t wait
for the next one!


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