Chimona Glossary

As used in Salquin to the Rescue




People and Places:

Salquin A member of the Salish first nation people in British Columbia, Canada.
Expat An ex patriot. That is someone from another country.
Granpappie/Pappie Affectionate Scottish slang for grandfather and father.
Oudtshoorn A small town on the outskirts of the Karoo desert in South Africa. Known for their ostrich farms.


Prologue Something that comes before, like the introduction to a book to tell the story so far.
a.k.a. Abbreviations for Also Known As.
Mallard The proper name for Wild Ducks of the most common kind.
Humungus Slang word for extra huge.
Crowdie Scottish cream cheese.
Rooibos A type of tea from Africa believed to be very healthy for you. Literally means Red Bush.
Program US spelling for programme.
Pesky Troublesome.
Nada Slang (from Spanish) for nothing.
Cell Phone Also known as a mobile phone.
Toodle-oo Old English expression meaning goodbye.
Favourite English spelling for favorite (US and Canada).
Blathering Gibberish, foolishness, jabbering.
Ditties Short simple songs or poems
Loch Scottish word for lake.
Turbulent Confused or unstable movements.
Gas American word for fuel, petrol or diesel.
Smitten Affected by a lot of adoration.
Holler Shout out for attention or encouragent.
Coxswain Helmsman of a racing canoe team who calls out instructions.
Flashlight A battery operated torch.
On his watch While he is on duty.
Mirage An image of a distant object.
Defiance Disregard, disobedience.
Burrow To dig a whole in the ground, usually with paws.
Pried Worked free from hold with fingers or tools.
Clamber Climb awkwardly by using hands and feet.
Triathlon A tough sports event usually doing 3 sports on one day.
Coy Shy.
Row boat Same as a rowing boat.
Fob A small tab or pocket on a keychain or watch.
Pad Thai Popular Asian food dish, originally from Thailand. Fried rice, noodles, egg and bean sprouts with chicken, shrimp or beef.


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