Chimona Critter Characters

As appearing in Salquin to the Rescue



For these characters, please see Book 1: How Kelvyn Got His Name, as that is where they first appeared:

  • Kelvyn Jigar Zumai
  • Mrs. Okando Owl
  • Jack Crow
  • Priscilla Porcupine
  • Professor Hodgekiss Drake
  • Chimona Chipmunk
  • Chiliné and Chimaré Chipmunk


Boatyard Keeper - Captain Marc-André Tripp

captain of the boat shack

  • Retired sea-faring captain.
  • Silver grey unruly hair, curls onto his collar.
  • Full silver beard.
  • Bushey silver grey eyebrows.
  • Twinkling blue eyes  and a big beaming smile (except when stressed and one tooth missing).
  • Loves to sit in his old whicker rocking chair on the jetty with a big mug of Rooibos tea and his adoring peskey, never far away, Penny Spitfire -the tabby cat- usually curled on a coil of boat rope.
  • Sun-tanned face -all season round.
  • Loves to wear blue, blue and more blue.
  • High rosey cheeks.
  • Slight build & long legs.
  • Always has his old battered Sea Captain's hat on.
  • Prefers his shirt sleeves to be rolled up showing an anchor tattoo on one arm.
  • Always wears big wellington boots (wellies to some of us) with his denim jeans tucked in - same attire all year round.


Big Brown Bear - Heavy Harry Brown Bear


  • Californian Expat cuddly bear.
  • The OLKs think of them as "the laughing bear", as Heavy Harry has one of those belly rippling laughter that just bellows forth.
  • Recycles objects of clothing left behind  by them "would be weekend hunters" up from  Port Rupert. (Aside: Do you think they know our Rupert Rooster?)
  • Invented a new type of hammock for an afternoon snooze, in peace or so he thought...
  • Can out snore anyone on that side of the mountain!

Salquin Salmon-Eco

  • Son of the Fluteman, the young Blue Raven — First Nation. Son of the Fluteman, grandson of Sockeye Beaver Bear.
  • Friend of Kelvyn Jigar Zumai, alias Gopher Junior  or Gopher One (Book One).
  • Becomes Chimona Chipmunk's friend too, after prooving his tracking skills are two - old, on land and water.
  • Also carries a torch for Baby Beaverling, Babbling Brooke.
  • Jack Crow calls him "Salmonika" or "Harmonica" (Book One).
  • Here we see this young buck of Blue Ravin's character forming.
  • Someone who thinks for himself -someone calm in a situation where other people are panicking and showing alarm.
  • Quietly and without fuss he takes action in searching for the "lost" Scottish Family.
  • Very proud of his home crafted kayak and a keen fisherman - loves the peace and quiet early on a morning.

Penny Perkins-Spitfire

  • Boatyard Keeper’s cat.
  • Always offering advice to her owner Marc-André - though it is not often welcomed!
  • Pads about after him ever hopeful thet she may get a saucer of milk
  • Good at 'ducking' when her boss starts shucking magazines and paperwork about when he can't find stuff.
  • Also feeds Marc- André with titbits of gossip about Lakeside activities

Rupert Rooster

  • Always inventing his own dawn chorous tune.
  • More out of devilment in annoying the Boatyard Keeper than by design for musical enlightment
  • The more the old Seadog becomes irritated the more he torments him by marching up and down on his boatyard hut's roof.
  • Very proud and cocky by nature and hails from the port of Prince Rupert, British Columbia.
  • He styles his marching based on how an English Officer strutts about.

Mr Trout and Sprogg


  • The resident underwater life of Okanagan
  • Mr and Mrs Trout ( mother to a host of little troutlings) and their eldest son named Sprogg.
  • Sprogg was another strong swimmer- an Olympic contender maybe one day and clear thinking  in problem solving and admitting when they needed help.
  • Sprogg is the pride of joy of Papa Trout.

Beaverlings and Babbling Brooke

  • Live along the lush reed lined banks of the Okanagan Lakeside.
  • The baby beaver (darling to everyone) is Babbling Brooke -freckles and has cute little curls tied loosely with almond pink flowing ribbons -warm hazelnut eyes- eyes that ooze with cleverness and naughtiness in the same glance -often left at home with her Mama because she is the youngest - but full of mischief and explores on her own and wathces and learnbs form her brothers too - not such a "dumb little sister!"
  • Beavers are friendly and helpful and often referred to as Beaverlings or as in Freckles case shortened to "Beaves"Babbling Brooke.
  • Very strong swimmers and fast to jump into action when needed.
The Weasels
  • Clive Weasel & Cedric Weasel a jaunty pair.
  • Joint owners of "Weasels Worry Free Workshop".
  • The backbone of the Okanagan Lakeside Rescue squad and work closely with the Park Rangers.
  • Can fix anything mechanical.
  • Into gadgets.
  • Thrive on tormenting poor old Jack Crow - but it is only for a laugh - not malicious.
  • Always seen tearing around on an off-road motorbike or ex-army jeep.
  • Cedric Weasel always seemed to be barking instructions at poor Jack Crow - he always did as he was told - it doesn't seem fair that folk pick on him.

The MacKnavery Family (Clan)


  • Camper family from 'Scotland the Brave's' country spending the summer on the shores of Okanagan Lakeside Resort.
  • The twins, Chiliné and Chimaré call them the "Scotties" - they have to abbreviate and give names their own slant!
  • Daddy Ross Angus MacKnavery - Marine Biologist who will be taking up a three year research posting down in Monterey,California at the end of their holiday - loves wearing his shorts despite his spikey brown hairy legs and he is a family man who loves camping with them -enjoys singing old Scottish ballads with them.
  • Ma Fiona Megan MacKnavery - rather weepy that her first born will soon be left at Boarding school in Bonner's Ferry - beautiful singing voice and makes up her own songs and sings of her the highlands where she grew up in, far away across teh Atlantic Ocean, in Scotland.
  • Humphrey Doodles MacKnavery -older brother - more nervous and panicks easily -soon to be ensconced in a boarding school in Idaho to "make a man of him" and to establish some grounding in his higher education in U.S.A. - loves to eat greedily -but does he eat for comfort because he is shy and somewhat lost in the shadow of his exuberant and energetic younger  brother ? -Yet is looking forward to the separation from "Freckles" and all his teasing
  • Freckles Fawcett MacKnavery - youngest friend of the OLKS and a soft spot Babbling Brooke -can't wait to be 'rid' of his annoying brother - makes up poetry in his head or on paper when he finds himself in a stressful situation - or just to relieve his boredom and aggravate his brother out aloud with the resulting poetic ridicule - not sure what his first name is but everyone has called him "Freckles" since birth as he is covered in "those sun kisses", hair liked burned corn ad always smilingshowinghis youthful gappy teeth.
  • Very self-assured, makes firends eaisly and picks up expressions from other languages easily and loves to slip them into his daily speach.

Expat Meerkat


  • A certain young lady who always keeps Boatyad Keeper  stocked up with his Rooibos tea.
  • Expat- Meerkat hails from the Karoo Desert in Southern Africa.
  • Golf caddie to the distinguished up and coming golfer Takishimo.
  • Marc- André always refers to him as "Robotic Joe" on a good day, otherwise he stumbles around names likes "Tackies or Tack-Tack".
  • Just recalls that he likes eating raw fish.
  • A shiney robotic Japanese figure that takes his golf and championships very seriously.
  • Strange how he teamed up with Expat Meerkat lady...mmmh.
Mr Vertigo Fishbone
  • The ginger cat - the only cat I know who has Vertigo and needs to ascend heights to do his job.
  • The resort’s window cleaner cum handyman and odd-jobber around the Clubhouse.
  • Often seen gingerly descending his ladder and loitering closer so he can eavesdrop on the resort activites - or does he just want to be included?
The Black Bears
  • Mrs. Black Bear is the mainstay of the Clubhouse kitchen and known to one and all who have ever tasted her cooking as Patsy - Pastry Bear - rules the kitchen with a strick regime and puts in long hours at work.
  • Colonel Bryan Bracken-Bear the retired husband of Patsy-Pastry Bear and tries her patience on a daily basis. - retired oaf she thinks. Ex-army chief and used to doing things his way, the only way and always -but going a touch deaf (gawd forbid that he would admit to it) More about him later on in another Chimona Chronicle.
Shifty Shaun Cat Burglar
  • Brother of Mr.Vertigo Fishbone.
  • A very daring nature.
  • Able to gain entrances to locked rooms or caravans -perhaps he has done it before?
  • But rises to the occassion for a good casue when asked by the Rescue part to assist.
Coyote Charlie
  • The ex New York cabbie turned Riverside High school bus driver.
  • Well, he knew he only had a few years to retirement and had to get used to a slower pace of life.
  • His doctor Felix Foxin was always on about his blood pressure being too high.
Doctor Felix Foxin
  • Okanagan Lakeside local GP doctor.
  • Worries about Coyote Charlie's lack of attention to his high blood pressure and need to take things easy.
Kelowna Business Association
  • Accountant Ant-Toni.
  • Budget Boris Boar.
  • Legal Lee-Flea Lizard.
  • and Astute Aidan Advo-Cat.
  • Papa Colin Chipmunk (Chimona deputises for his ill dad).

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