Salquin to the Rescue

By Rosie Reay with illustrations by Candice McMullan










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In praise of

Salquin to the Rescue
and The Chimona Chronicles.

(1) “Fabulous. I loved it. And once again the illustrations are so appropriate and fun.”

G.H. (School teacher)

(2) In the follow-up book on the Chimona Chronicles we meet yet another colorful character…Salquin Salmon-Eco, the young Blue Raven, First Nation friend of Kelvyn Jigar Zumai (who we met in Book 1 as he needed to get a new name that seemed more suitable than just Gopher 1)

We meet bravery, when Salquin is determined to save Kelvyn`s friend Freckles, who uses poetry to bring a bit of humor into an otherwise very stressful situation. We see how Okando, the wise owl, is awakened by the sad tune of a flute being played by a worried Blue Raven, and this alarms her that all is not well in the Okanagan Lakeside land. She flies off to investigate what the reason for the sad flute tune is, only to find that this could be a looming disaster in the making. She immediately takes charge of the situation and does what she does best - get things done!

We meet colorful characters with tongue-in-cheek names whilst we learn about behaving responsibly and safely in the face of danger. In the story we learn the value of friendship and family . The critters teaches us the importance of living in a closely-knit community and the importance of teamwork.

This book is truly yet another wonderful addition to The Chimona Chronicles. It is clearly an enjoyable book for both parents and young readers alike. The diction is much simpler in this book, making it more suitable for younger readers to be pulled into the story of Kelvyn, Chimona and Salquin. I would not recommend the book for bed-time reading, as the gripping story line will keep the young readers hanging from parent`s lips, and perhaps refusing to go to bed before they have heard the end of the story!

Yet another brilliant book by Rosie Reay and a thumbs-up from me as a teacher and parent! Informative, gripping and imaginative.

Melanie de Bruyn, teacher and parent.

(3) As an author, and teacher, I was delighted to read ‘Salquin to the Rescue’. This little book is the second of the Chimona Chronicles series and is crammed with the engaging little creatures who live around Lake Okanagan.

Rosie Reay’s enjoyment and fascination with names is infectious. The young reader is introduced to colorful characters such as Ross Angus MacKnavery, Captain Tripp, Penny Perkins-Spitfire and Babbling Brooke the baby beaver. Each creature has a distinct personality and she breathes life into them via lively and fun dialogue.

Some of Rosie’s images are equally engaging, such as the description of Big Brown Bear, who was far too large for the boat he was rowing. ‘His generous waistline creased over the sides, like hot chocolate over the top of a mug.’

There are other bonuses in these books too. This one poses a mystery which children will enjoy puzzling out, the illustrations are charming and there is a poem that young readers will enjoy.

I am confident that these stories will be much enjoyed and shared by young readers and parents alike.

Victoria Twead
author of Chicken Mules and Two Old Fools

(4) The second of the much loved Chimona Chronicles, Salquin to the Rescue returns to the Okanagan Lakeside where a storm is brewing on the horizon. A missing boat and a lost Scottish family has the locals in a worried frenzy, while our hero, Salquin, the First Nation son of the Fluteman, sets out to the rescue.

As always the names of the characters test and prod the imagination, while the wonderful illustrations by Candice McMullan help bring the animals and people to life. But it is the depth and originality of their personalities, combined with Rosie’s trademarked poems, which truly sets this series apart from the others in a crowded children’s book market.

A great second addition to what is becoming one of the best and most original children series out there.

Jeremy Holland, author of From Barcelona: Stories behind the City.


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