Salquin To The Rescue

By Rosie Reay with illustrations by Candice McMullan



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In the first book in The Chimona Chronicles, you learned all about some of your favorite critters come to life around the shore of Lake Okanagan. Now in this story you will learn more about how the resort operates, as well as how some of your favorite characters are quite capable on the lake water itself.

Young readers will also learn about the way the critters work with the humans and the visitors to the resort. There is at least a little place for most of your favorites, including the twins, but they, along with Chimona, are more at home using their brains and energy on dry land.

This book provides a simple interweaving of two stories... the rescue of some Scottish tourists, and the rescue of a missing boat. Can you guess who has the missing boat? Do you know your numbers and can you follow simple clues and signposts? Here is a big hint: Use the original new illustrations as clues in addition to the story line.

An ideal travel and mystery title that will amuse the kids for hours - and not bore the parents too soon. Download it onto your laptop today and bring it out to surprise them at the right moment.

PS Ideal for grandparents too!

Bonus Poem: Firelogs Burning

You will usually find a complete poem in one of The Chimona Chronicles - one that could even stand alone or in this case be a song as well.

Grandma Firelogs

In this book you have Firelogs Burning which is quite long but starts like this:


Fire logs burning. Kettles boiling
Morning has not yet turned to light
But porridge is boiling
Hot oat cakes are cooling

Fire logs burning. Kettles boiling
Granny wakes me, water to fetch
In barefeet I brave
The crisp, cold loch air

Fire logs burning. Kettles boiling
The water I slop from the rain barrel
A jug is poured in a bowl
It’s icy and cold

Load this book on your laptop and keep the kids entertained for hours. Bring it out just when they get bored or cranky. Read it aloud to the younger ones while you share the illustrations with them. See which characters they can identify. Have them explain their favorites. See if they can work out the mystery of the missing boat.

For younger self readers, let them read it alone. Help them by answering any questions about places or pronunciations.

For even older kids, have them explore the character personas and glossary. Many of these characters first appeared in Book 1, so you may have to visit that glossary on this website too.

Note: An early reader with many plays on words and languages to stretch a kid's (and some parent's) mind.

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