Chimona Glossary

As used in
How Kelvyn Got His Name




Okanagan An actual area in central British Columbia, Canada, as well as a long lake.
Okavango The Okavango Swamps are in Botswana in Southern Africa. A lush area in a country that is otherwise rather desolate.
OLK's Term (in story only) for Okanagan Lakeside Kids.
Wirral A peninsula in North West England, across from Liverpool. Lovely tourist destination.
Reno Nicknamed The biggest little city in the world, Reno is in Northern Nevada, just across border from California and close up against the Sierra mountains and Lake Tahoe.
Catalonia An area of North East Spain surrounding Barcelona. Most locals still speak Catalan.
River Ebro The biggest river in Spain that runs down from the Pyranees Mountains into Southern Catalonia. Also known as River Ebré.
Kelowna The biggest town on Lake Okanagan in British Columbia, Canada.

Bonner's Ferry

The northern most town at the top of the Idaho (USA) panhandle before crossing into Canada.
The Fens A low lying area of Eastern England. Mostly agricultural.
Holland A country in Europe famous for its tulips and cheese and unique low-lying countryside. Also known as The Netherlands. The Dutch people come from there.


OXO A famous old English brand of solid cubes for making gravy.
Siesta The Spanish word for taking a nap, usually in the heat of the afternoon.
Veto The final vote, or most powerful vote, in an election or decision, that stops the matter.
Tapas Small snack food dishes (originally Argentinian, now also Spanish).
Gracias Senora Thank you Madame, in Spanish.
Hasta Luego So long, see you later, in Spanish.
In situ Latin for "in place", usually for legal usage.
Accoutrement Trappings, usually as part of your attire (clothing).
Protegè Your star student that you have helped mentor.
Dotage Feeble minded old age.
Conjure Imagine, create, discover.
Prattle Talk fast.
Trundle To move along as if rolling or spinning slowly.
Stalagtites and Stalagmites Those big salt pointed growths that hang down from the ceiling, or grow up from the floor, in big old caves.
Unravel Unwind, work open, discover.


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