Chimona Critter Characters

As appearing in
How Kelvyn Got His Name by Rosie Reay
and in Salquin to the Rescue




Illustrations by Candice McMullan

The Twins


    • Her hair is plaited (braided) with a ribbon implies it is longer than her twin.
    • If worn loose, but with a  ribbon,  it would be wavy from the plaiting - depends on whether she is playing tennis or preening with hr fingers through it.
    • Loves brightly color ribbons (rainbows).
    • Girly girl and dainty.
    • Facial markings are different to the twin.
    • Older by 3 minutes.
    • Has a plait (braid) with a silky ribbon and is twirling the braid in her fingers (while eating candy!) -loves round sweets.
    • Her eyes are more slanted than her
      twin's and her eyelashes are longer than her sister's, too.
    • She has a more demure personality.
    • Daydreamer.
    • Always seen together with twin.
    • Adores Kelvyn like mad - forever dreams of being his wife
    • Doesn't like artichokes.
    • Adores asparagus.
    • Both artistic but different.
    • Neat hand writer and loves different styles.
    • Dreams of a being a Graphic designer, creating wonderful logos and websites.
    • Gossipy and giggly.
    • Loves playing tennis and water skiing and swimming in the lake.
    • Grandma Chip gave her a lucky acorn at birth ..a treasure!
    • A tennis racket is for fast volleys.
    • So proud of her big intelligent brother, but would never tell him.
    • Has a healthy appetite but doesn't carry any tummy roles. Sporty!


    • Her hair is straight and shorter but with a girlish clip.
    • Stylish bob cut  but clip can be worn on one side or both - as she changes her mood.
    • Loves big and bold clips.
    • She doesn't play with her hair.
    • Girly girl and dainty.
    • Facial markings are different to the twin.
    • Younger by 3 minutes.
    • With pouty lips and roundish eyes
      (her eyelashes are girly, but not as long as her sister's).
    • Her personality is a bit more pushy than her twin sister.
    • More out spoken.
    • Adores toffees (candy) in wrappers.
    • Daydreamer.
    • Always seen together with twin.
    • Fancies Kelvyn like mad but may be a passing phase with her.
    • Doesn't like brussel sprouts.
    • Loves yellow peppers.
    • Also artistic, but different.
    • Sketches very well & has an eye for color and contrasts
    • Dreams of being a fashion designer for the Stars - the film and stage set too.
    • Gossipy and giggly.
    • Loves wearing different tennis outfits she has designed and sunbathing.
    • Grandma Chip gave her a lucky acorn at birth ..a treasure!
    • A tennis racket is a posing apparel.
    • So proud of her big intelligent brother, but would never tell him.
    • Has a healthy appetite but doesn't carry any tummy roles. She checks vainly everyday!

Gopher One - Kelvyn


    • Alias Gopher One or Gopher Junior
    • Longs to have a proper name, well, ideally he would like to have 3 good names. Names that reflect his character. He mentions this one day to Chimona. (Well the rest is history, as they say.)
    • A.k.a. Kelvyn Jigar Zumai given at Lake Baptism.
    • Kelvyn's always has a golf peak, crownless hat.
    • Always worn  backwards  with the peak down his neck.
    • His natural pose when standing is always hands on hips, but with pressure on his knuckles, not the palm of his paws.
    • Big wicked, naughty like eyes.
    • Cheekiest and loveable grin, displaying two big prominent main teeth. The whitest of white of all the OLK's. ( You never see him eating candy or junk food.)
    • Attends Riverside High with the other OLK's, but keen on the science subjects. Hates Math. Loves Geography and Cultural Studies,  Sports and playtime, of course.
    • Twins Chilinè and Chimarè chipmunk think he is silent and aloof. Aah but they each secretly adore him ...xxxlol
    • Chimona and Kelvyn are the best, the very best friends of Okanagan Lakeside Resort and top leaders of the OLK's
    • Gopher1once mentioned to Chimona, on one of their early morning "walk and talk" strolls that he he would love to visit Japan.
    • Chimona thought that was because he has such a love of raw fish.
    • His Ma decries him as being "as brazen as a Beaver!"  In the next breath she calls him "her little boy".
    • Kelvyn is left handed and catches stray golf balls.
    • Kelvyn and Chimona have an enterprising sideline going of catching and fielding stray golf balls at the Okanagan Lakeside resort. Chimona then takes over the business side of things.
    • Kelvyn has the patience of a saint and can stand still for hours like a Queen's Guardsman.
    • Kelvyn is often referred to by the OLK's as their Lakeside hero...

    Gopher Family Tree

    • Respect his paternal Grandpa Gopher's wisdom and refers to them as the Elders (includes Grandma). He wathces over his family and extended family when at play under the sprinklers.
    • Father is formally called Mr. Gopher Senior. (His ma calls him Junior, remember?)
    • Mrs. Gertrude Gopher (his Ma) is very stuffy and very austere. Claims she has royal connections in Europe. (Sure? So where and who are they?)
    • Well Gertrude does have the sound of being of German, Dutch or Flemish origin.
    • Gertrude Gopher's wears a Spanish hand stitched long flowing skirt in that flamboyant red of Flamingo dancers or gypsies around an open fire.
    • But Gertrude Gopher is of Hispanic origins!
    • Gertrude's mother is called the "Grand old Lady" and her Mexican grandchildren are visiting Kelvyn.
    • So Mexican Sam and Hispanic Manual are his cousins, who in turn are cousins to each other and not brothers.
    • Both have trappings of the large and wide rimmed sombreros with the 'anthill' crown. Yet each are different.
    • Mexican Sam's has looped together a string of black beans, alternating with pumpkin seeds on a thread around the crown of his straw sombrero. His motto is be prepared and you never go hungry - nor do the birds, who try to pinch them. His father is Mrs Gertrude Gopher's baby brother.
    • Hispanic Manual's sombrero is also made of straw but in the vibrant, contrasting colours of a gypsey's open fibers. His mother is Gertrude Gophers big sister. She says the colour is the redness of a Flamenco dancers' skirt and the blackness is that of a smart tuxedo.
    • So who cares about the cousins? Kelvyn seems indifferent to them.
    • The cousins are lazy and disinterested in helping out. they feel visitor should not have to work. They are on holiday.
    • Oh no they are not! The Grand Old Lady thought it was time they were taught responsibility. That the world does not revolve around them. Because they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth they have to learn the value of earning a living and sharing your gains within your family and extended families.
    • They need to realize that friends cannot be bought. Respect and friendship are earned and must be treasured for life.






Early sketch of Chimona


    • Chimona is the chief narrator of the Chimona Chronicles. Chimona's markings are more male and bold, like in the canoe sketch.
    • Chimona is big brother of the twins Chilinè and Chimarè  
    • The leader and founder of the gang OLKS (Okanagan Lakeside Kids) - someone has to organize these critters -can't have them running amok when tourists are in situ!
    • His best friend is Gopher One or Gopher Junior a.k.a. Kelvyn Jigar Zumai.
    • Dreams constantly of traveling away from the resort, but knows that will only be possible if starts planning carefully.
    • This is where his drive to be thrifty and spends carefully comes from, some may say frugally.
    • A business man in the making. He is definitely a big Namer being created.
    • He has a canvas camouflaged belt with numerous pouches. All are very necessary. One is for his notebook&pencil, others are for his calculator, his tape measure and compass (passed down from Grandpa Chips who was in the navy in the 'Big War'), pinenut snacks and often a few colored,special golf balls for re-sale to Mrs. Porcupine. Don't forget he also has one for his cell phone "Chello".
    • Scratches his chin when he is thinking.
    • Adores Nanna Chips and her herbalist "magic" cream for rubbing into sores and cuts and bruises after a day out playing and outfielder for Gopher.
    • Every night he counts the money he has made and writes it in his notebook. Every expenditure (usually bribe money to buy candy to persuade the twins for help) is deducted. He then does his sums and always, always rechecks his figures.
    • The cash and notebook are carefully stored in an OXO tin under the bunk bed.

    Family Tree

    • Chipmunks of the Okanagan Lakeside resort BC Canada.
    • A branch of the family settled along the River Ebro Valley, in Catalonia. Spain. 2nd cousin twice removed = Señor Pedro Chipmunko del Rio Ebro (His full Sunday best name!). A great believer and lover of tapas. A school teacher of English literature and Creative Writing in schools in Tortosa. In the series he is the poet of "The Squirrel from Wirral" and others to follow on with later.
    • Pedro Chipmunko is Nanna Chips brother's child.
    • Grandpa & Nanna Chips (Papa Colin's parents).
    • His parents are Papa Colin Chipmunk and Mama Marie Chipmunk (sometimes referred to as Señora).
    • No brothers.
    • Two younger "brats" of sisters -  the "girls".
    • They are twin sisters Chilinè and Chimarè - actually he is very fond of them and always looks out for them.


Mrs Priscilla Porcupine

  • Wears a carefully stitched hand quilted shopkeeper's patchwork apron with a bottom row of utility pockets along the front.
  • Seller of re-sale golf balls from the OLK's
  • Candy shop!!!
  • Buttons and bows and ribbons.
  • Stationery.
  • "Everyday needs" in shopping.
  • Special friend of Padre Pinenut Parrot.
  • Likes to hobnob with Professor Hodgekiss Drake.
  • Sharer of Lakeside gossi.p
  • Regards all the OLK's as her "own"
  • Level-header - a thinker.
  • Avid reader.
  • Believes in keeping a tidy shop and home.
  • Organizer  and a good committee person.
  • Instigator and motivator of Chimona's plans and dreams. He is her "special favorite".
  • The "Good Samaritan" -who  loved helping out the OLKs.
  • Keeps Jack Crow on his toes with his mail round and sells stamps for him.
  • Holds Mrs Okando Owl in higher respect and awe.
  • A wonderful friendly cuddly personality loved by all the OLKs.
  • Her motto is "Everything has a place. A place for everything" - so this denotes a "house proud" lady and shopkeeper - very tidy - broom at the ready.
  •  Mrs. Porcupine is a very kind, tidy and particular hedgehog.
  • She's sweeping and dusting and the shelves are neatly stacked.   Wears a scarf over her head and knotted under her chin when she is cleaning.
  • Loves to see the woodland birds visiting her garden for a drink of water or any crumbs and nuts she would put out in a tall bird feeder so the resort cats can't pinch them.(Crumbs from her table)
  • Like her curtains and apron she has hand crafted a big comfy scatter cushion for her outside chair.
  • Known to use her produce as a bribe tactic.
  • Wraps up peoples produce in recycled newspaper to save on plastic bags littering the woodlands.
  • Her "event day" hat  is straw in color with reddish flowers, and a ribbon.
  • Never talks about Mr. Porcupine  - is he alive? Is she divorced? Has she ever had any children?
  • One late evening she received a payphone call from Reno, Nevada from her  Percival. He explained how he fell into the back of the food wagon at the Okanagan Resort and woke up  there in Reno. There was a lot of interference on the line and then the line went dead. No contact since then with him.


  • Is very proud of her shop.
  • Is even prouder of her name for it.
  • Is even prouder still of her signpost hanging outside the shop.
  • To here it signifies her achievement in business acumen and a sense of independence.
  • Proud to offer a very viable and much needed and loved service to the Okanagan Lakeside Village community.
  • She literally lives over the shop.
  • Her bedroom is up in the eaves of the thatched roof and her arched window peeps out from under the thatch over the front door of the shopkeeper.
  • her living room window flows into the shop and the shop flows into her living room.. almost "open plan" through an wooden arch way(beautifully restored by the very capable Weasel Duo at "Weasel Worry Free Workshop" fame.
  • She grows all her own flower seeds on the back window sill of her kitchenette. This leads out through a stable door on to back covered verandah / lean to porch.
  • There is a big wooden table and a couple of high stiff-back chairs and she does all her repotting there.
  • She fills every space in her garden and widow boxes and hanging boxes for a wonderful array of brightly colored flowers all year round.
  • Any recyclable big tins or old crock pots she uses with help from Chilinè to paint them in interesting designs. These she can then move about as to whether the plants need more sun or more shade through the day.
  • She is fanning the flames of an idea for a veggie patch for next spring but can't mange to dig over the "rough patch" she has allocated. So the retired ex-Colonel Bryan Bracken Bear is unaware that he has been "assigned" the job. But some fresh scones and Rooibos tea will easily persuade him when the timing is right.


Mrs Okando


  • Dispenses advice and is a font of geographical knowledge.
  • Silently observes all the goings on around Okanagan and reserves her judgment.
  • Is very well read and searches constantly for books left behind or dropped by tourists. Can't beat a good read!
  • Networks down with friends in Kelowna
  • Very good organizer (behind the scenes) as well.
  • She has a huge stylish, very big face watch - not digital. Worn with pride on her ankle.
  • Doubles as an alarm clock for her too.
  • Nocturnal-wise-knowledgeable on Okanagan and Kelowna legends.
  • Always scratches her right eyebrow when thinking.
  • Held in high esteem and respect with the local Blue Raven Indian people and always called by her full name Mrs. Okando Owl.
  • An object of beauty to the tourists if they see her in flight when she swoops out of the tree tops and does her lap of the resort when she wakes up, before heading out across the lake.
  • Amazing colorings.
  • Can sit still for hours "people watching" - to those who don't know her stance, she may appear asleep but one eye is open absorbing what is going on.
  • Champions Chimona and treats him as her protegè.
  • Holds Prof. Hodgekiss Drake in the highest esteem. After all, he is a very educated and well-traveled man.
  • Considered  to be one of the elders of the  Okanagan lakeside resort by the younglings of the gang called OLK's.
  • Admires Mrs. Priscilla Porcupine and thinks Porquilon is an ideal village meeting place.


Squirrel George



  • Squirrel is from Wirral,England and set off on his travels through France down in to Spain.
  • No fixed destination -just sees where his wanderings lead him and hopes to make many friends on the way.
  • Currently staying in the riverside town of Benifallet in Catalonia, Spain where he meets his new little friend George.
  • Squirrel is half the size of the boy George.
  • Squirrel is wearing a jaunty tri corned hat, a la the Three Musketeers.
  • The hat has a long flourishing feather that came from one of the Lakeside fowl, but it is still a beautiful plume.

George Euan Marsh

  • George is only a tiny boy, he is well behind in height. growth compared to other boys in his age group.
  • Lives in Benifallet, along the River Ebro, Catalonia, Spain.
  • Is always sun tanned & prefers sandals.
  • Camouflaged sandals (Aruba Echo).
  • Loves wearing shorts in khaki colors with big pockets.
  • Has canvas braces with fishes on, attached to his shorts, worn over his checked shirt.
  • Saunters along with one little thumb hooked thorough his braces.
  • Check shirts are his favorite -especially blue and white checks with short sleeves and one top pocket with his mouth organ in it.
  • Has a khaki camouflaged desert canvas hat - soft material and with a rim - turned down at the back and turned up at the front.
  • Fishing net on a short pole is hooked under his arm- the one where the thumb is hooked into his braces.
  • Big round blue eyes.
  • A toothy grin -smiley face.
  • George's knees are always scratched.

Professor Hodgekiss Drake


  • Head teacher at Riverside High School.
  • Friends with Mrs. Priscilla Porcupine.
  • Loves her tinned pilchards and often Mrs. porcupine has come bearing gifts of them as a bribe when she needs to ask a favour.
  • Always scribbling in a huge leather bound book of his worldly travels, adventures and observations.
  • Mallard duck.
  • Lectured at the University of Santa Clara for 4 years.
  • When he was younger, rumour reports he wasever so handsome and had ladies dancing at his feet.
  • Extremely well read across a wide range of subjects and encourages his students to do likewise.
  • Head colours are very prominent in Regency dark green and plum with white contrast markings.
  • Grey whiskers on his chin - a hint of a beard to suggest age and academic individual style.
  • His body plumage is slightly different -  white belly, grey wings and black rump and white tail feather as rudder.
  • Webbed feet  are very orange.
  • Professor wears half rimmed glasses, pince nez, on the end of his beak. Wears a paisely waistcoat with pointed frontflapping and lapels.A nautical pocket watch dangles from his waistcoat.

Jack Crow


    • The Okangana Lakeside resort very special resident Postman.
    • Elders refer to him as a mere postman.
    • Cheeky chap with alert eyes, misses nothing.
    • But he is more important, but not over clever, with a certain amount of detective skills.
    • Often considered lazy as he needs to be wound up in a morning like an old-fashioned clock, but then he does do a lot of walking on his mail rounds.
    • Prides himself on his crow logic. Also very quick and accurate  with figures in school.
    • Jack Crow does not consider himself a daydreamer, contrary to popular belief - just that he drifts into a thinking process as a planner and an opportunist.
    • Seals open overseas envelopes and curiously absorbs the newsy bits within those letters. Stores them in the back of his brain to draw on at a latter date if required.
    • Of late, he has been heard to declare he wishes to learn Spanish and Catalan. Almost trips himself up by devouring why / but then folk would know he reads their poems and letters.
    • At school he was very good in oral classes but always cheeky.
    • Wants a penfriend in Spain so that he will get letters addressed to him from abroad!
    • Jack twists people's names around for his own amusement and likes to call Salquin  "Harmonica" - as he plays a mouth organ.
    • He has also decided he would ask the Mayor for an apprentice for his Canadian mail not al la carte, but with a cart.
    • Wears a Royal Canadian old style Military hat with a chin strap - worn at an angle .Suggestx his cockiness and it is emblazened with a bright yellow and red stripe brand and  a cord ties under his chin.
    • Yellow and black mail satchel over one shoulder - easier for flight or trailing the heavy bag in the dust.
    • His satchel has a back pocket for large envelopes and magazines
    • The satchel has a flap over and fastens underneath when empty or la ittle mail inside. Otherwise   it is open and stuffed full of mail sticking out the top pocket.
    • And the bag has a long shoulder strap he wears over left shoulder and with his right wing through so it is usually sits on his right hip, for flight.
    • Often seen trailing behind Professor Hodgekiss Drake and perspiring trying to keep up with the Prof's fast waddle.
    • He has craftily engaged  Mrs. Priscilla Porcupine to sell his stamps at Porquilon
    • Keeps trying to have a peep at the Profs. travel journals he is writing and keeps getting caught.
    • Very good for making lists and checking voting scores and making registers in an emergencies to tick off the residents.
    • Laughs raucously at others' misfortunes!
    • Not often seen in company on the basis of one to one friendships - rather on the ouskirts of what is going on.

Padre Pinenut Parrot

  • This is a trendy parrot.
  • Had colorful relations in hippy Nelson town in years gone by.
  • A very colorful parrot.
  • With a blue face and tri-colored wings and colorful body.
  • A wicked sense of hum our for a man of the cloth!
  • Always has his wooden hand carved cross on a black leather thong.
  • Cross is a brown wooden one carved by a Blue Raven Indian whittler.
  • Loves to chatter with all and sundry outside Porquilon.
  • One may be lead to think it was his Parish rather that Mrs. Porcupine's general store and home.
  • Ooh but she does make the most tasty of seed biscuits specially for him, or so he likes to think.
  • A very good friend of Mrs. Priscilla Porcupine.
  • Thoroughly enjoyed performing the head wetting in christening Kelvyn Jigar Zumai - rough justice he thought!
  • Always seems to be in the background of any important event or decision making at the Okanagan Lakeside Resort.

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