How Kelvyn Got His Name

By Rosie Reay with illustrations by Candice McMullan


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In praise of How Kelvyn Got His Name
and The Chimona Chronicles.

Dominic Dauchez, Paris, France:
“As a still young grandfather, I wanted to encourage my twin grandsons to improve their English with fun and enjoyable reading material. While searching on the web, I fall on “How Kelvyn Got His Name - The Chimona Chronicles” and found it a real quality book that does not consider our kids as morons but helps them to travel along with the love and exhilaration and this is, to my knowledge, is an essential message to forward to the coming generations.”

Melanie de Bruyn, Steelpoort, South Africa:
“As a language teacher and linguist, I enjoyed this book immensely! This book has so many subtle nuances of learning entwined into it.
Firstly , children can learn the valuable lesson of how important responsible spending time is (even in the animal world). We learn about friendship, and also how to use Office applications with ease.
This book helps to explore the different cultures that exist around the world. I was pleased to realize that the book is not just intended for young children, but that adults can also identify with the book.
This is a lovely book, and I would really recommend it for young students! I hope that with more books in this series on the way, that this will once again inspire students to obtain a love for reading.”

Dianne van Plateringen, Arnhem, The Netherlands:
“Rosie Reay is such a cute story teller. I will definitely use her books when teaching English as a second language.”

Jeremy Holland: author of “From Barcelona: Stories behind the City, volume 1”:
“I first got to know Rosie through her children’s book The Chimona Chronicles. The use of a golf course as the location was the first glimpse that this wasn’t your typical children’s book. But what truly set the story apart was that it didn’t just look to entertain, but also to challenge.
As a published author, Rosie has proven she has the ability to deliver a high quality product that has attracted worldwide attention. I can’t recommend Rosie enough.”

Caitlin, via Facebook:
“It looks wonderful, I’ll be sure to pick up a copy and encourage my friends and family to do the same. Great work, guys!
Support this inspirational author, her excellent illustrator, and her wonderful editor in their quest to make this entertaining children’s book known to readers young and old!”

James Oliver Lynas, Eleven year old reader from Middlesborough, UK:
Kelvyn Book 1:- I really enjoyed this story. I know how poor Chimona feels not getting his mum to himself with all the little one’s around, but mums always have special time for the big lads once the little one’s are busy. The pictures to go with the story were lovely.

Claire Lynas - mother of six from Middlesborough, UK:
Kelvyn Book 1: This story was fantastic and true to life in any family situation. The money making scheme reminds me of my boys trading bits and bobs for pocket money. A lovely story and my children enjoyed it. Pictures were lovely to look at and my little girl talked about the pictures as we read through the story together. James really enjoyed it. Aayla Erin (my three year old) was in her element as she sat on my knee looking at the pictures when we got to them, telling me what was going to happen according to the illustrations. (She’s going to be an author when she’s bigger I think.)

Ben Foden, California:
“I remember our travels to Canada and the ensuing road trip and I agree it would be a great companion for families on the road.”

Kyra Dawson, Editor, The Brighter Scribe:
“This is an entertaining book filled with humor and hilarity, a bonus poem and a twist, and the naming aspect of the story will stretch the imaginations of young and old alike. You will meet the varied and charming family and friends of Chimona and the OLKs, and find that this little resort community is filled with warmth, laughter, caring and friendship. Let this story thrill you with the legend of the fabled Ogopogo, critter capers, and discover why having your very own name is the most important thing in the world!


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