How Kelvyn Got His Name

By Rosie Reay with illustrations by Candice McMullan


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Do you love learning new words and seeing animals come to life? Then you will enjoy this friendly tale of the critters from Lake Okanagan - while having fun with names and places.

An entertaining  travel and educational story for early readers and their parents. Learn about all the little creatures and see how they have developed their own environment between the lake and the golf course, even though they are really part of the resort.

Find out how each animal or bird has a special talent, hobby or other amusing trait. Do they remind you of your brothers, sisters and parents? See how some are smarter than others. Some work hard. Some take a lot of naps. But together they are at peace and look out for each other.

Some of the words and place names may stretch a young reader (and even some adults), but that is all part of the fun of the story. You can always go research the names and places together later. And there is a lovely illustration for most characters and key scenes - for all our enjoyment. The OLK's (Okanagan Lake Kids) are waiting to share their story with all of you.

For young readers, discuss the names and places after they have read it. Or help them research the name origins and locations through the online glossary and character sketches.

An ideal travel and educational title that will amuse the kids for hours - and not bore the parents too soon. Download it onto your laptop today and bring it out to surprise them at the right moment.

PS Ideal for grandparents too!

Bonus Poem: The Squirrel from Wirral

You will often find a complete poem in one of The Chimona Chronicles - one that could even stand alone.

In this book you have The Squirrel from Wirral which goes on for about 5 pages, but starts like this:

A squirrel from Wirral had many friends
Who lived down on the Fens
Birds that sang
While brown bats did hang
Cats that scratched
Who lived under the thatch
Dogs growled
As new babies howled
Who am I?
I am the Squirrel from Wirral!

Load this book on your laptop and keep the kids entertained for hours. Bring it out just when they get bored or cranky. Read it aloud to the younger ones while you share the illustrations with them. See which characters they can identify. Have them explain their favorites. See if they can work out how the other critters got their names.

For younger self readers, let them read it alone. Help them by answering any questions about places or pronunciations.

For even older kids, have them explore the character personas and glossary.

Note: An early reader with many plays on words and languages to stretch a kid's (and some parent's) mind.

Back Cover:

naming ceremony
ISBN# 978-0-9710157-0-8

After reading this book, your children will be able to identify and adore all these characters from one of the final scenes.

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