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Candice McMullan

Candice McMullan Illustrator







Clown Fish Illustration by Candace McMullanClown Fish (not part of a story..yet)

Candice McMullan is an up and coming young illustrator based in Alberta, Canada. Young children will surely identify with her drawings when their parents read this story and show them her pictures.

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An early sketch of Chimona

Illustrations above and left copyright Candice McMullan



Geoph Foden

When not drawing for the Chimona Series, Geoph Foden is a world class jewelry designer and manufacturer. He resides in Southern Africa where for years he has headed Foden Designs and Haglund Jewellers.

african silver bracelets and pendantsSome of his simpler designs, including very detailed charms of African animals, may be purchased online at Safari Gold.



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