Has Anyone Seen Kelvyn?

By Rosie Reay with illustrations by GW Foden



Remember in the last book about who they found sleeping in the missing boat?

This new Chimona Series starts with solving that little riddle for you. And you can see from this illustration in the book that the Weasels use their jeep to tow the boat back.


But who else goes missing?

Was it on purpose?

Why did he not tell anyone?

Will he get discovered?

And how on earth will he get home?

This Blue Berry Cafe plays a key part in the story. Look at the details carefully and then wait to read about them in the book.

You are not the only one wondering where Kelvyn went. As this school room scene shows, some of your old favorite characters were also hard at work putting out the word to try and find him.


See Comments and Reviews section for a full glossary of new words used in this book, as well as a character sketch for each character. Just like humans, every critter has some interesting personal looks and habits.


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ISBN (Print Edition) 978-0-9710157-3-9

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