The Chimona Chronicles

By Rosie Reay with illustrations by Candice McMullan



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Book 1

How Kelvyn Got His Name

A delightful, educational story about naming from the viewpoint of the critters that live around Lake Okenagan. There are many different personalities and roles very similar to the children in your area!

Read this aloud to the younger ones. Read along with the others. And everyone will love the illustrations.

Struggling with some of the bigger words, locations and names?. Well you can look them up in the glossary. Plus you can study each critter's personality traits in depth and match it to their illustrations.

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Chimona Canoe Laptop

Salquin signpost

Book 2

Salquin To The Rescue

In this little adventure story, there is also a mystery going on. Here you will meet many of the O.L.K.'s again, along with some of the visitors to the Lakeside resort.

The story starts at the boat keeper's shack which is right on the jetty by the lake. Everyone loves the old shack, even though it is beat up. Plus that is where you go to get a key to a boat, unless you are just the cat who sits in the rope or the rooster that crows from the roof.

The critters interface extensively with their two legged friends in this story - who also have very interesting backgrounds and personalities.

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Has Anyone Seen Kelvyn?

In this interesting new story about Kelvyn and his friends, he continues to make new discoveries in hos own lakeside area, even as he parties with his soon to depart human friends.

In due course he too leaves the lake and starts travelling. How and why is what this little mysery is all about. And why didn't he say goodbye and not make everyone worry about him?

Can you read a map? Do you think he can? After all, he has never left town before, let alone the valley or surrounding area.

Like the rest of the series, this book can be read by itself again and again, by adults as well as children. Each time you will see something new in the illustrations or discover some new place, word or critter in the story.

But, as usual, it will always leave you with a smile on your face and an appreciation for how resourceful some critters are. Bet they remind you of some children you know too.

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Rosie Reay has been hard at work writing the next Chimona Story. It does not have a title yet, but will be out in the spring. Do you think Kelvyn continues his travels? Where and how?


Let Rosie know if you would like to be an early reviewer.

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